Monday, September 7, 2009

Cholesterol Can Affect Anyone

We knew that Kevin would likely to develop high cholesterol at some time in his life. Most of his family had it and his diet just was not what a healthy eating plan should be. I have worked in the alternative healing field as a natural doctor for over 16 years when he came home and told me our family doctor had put him on lipitor. Neither of us was excited about what drugs could do to your body.
As a healer I have treated high cholesterol several times successfully. I want to reveal some of the natural things you can do to lower your cholesterol.

First let us talk about why you should not take western drugs. Did you know prescription drugs used for cholesterol cause problems like Rhabdomyolysis a muscle-destroying condition. The chances of kidney damage, muscle weakness and pain, memory loss, reduced sex-drive, insomnia, diarrhea, bloating, and the list goes on. Now it was time to help a family member someone I loved.

After many years of success with high cholesterol I knew diet and exercise alone would not be enough. Alternative healers know which herb binds to the bad cholesterol to usher gummy cholesterol substance out of the body, what nutritional supplement liquefies cholesterol like artery detergent.Some natural doctors know the single best kept Asian secret herb that holds superior cholesterol-lowering properties.

A few years ago I ran across a great resource guide for my clients that naturally helped them control their cholesterol without drugs. Since today most my clients come to me through the internet I often recommend the same information contained in this great book that anyone can download onto their computer. Now for a few tips to get you started.

A simple vitamin Niacin or vitamin B3 is effective in lowering cholesterol by reducing LDL cholesterol by ten to twenty percent and increasing HDL cholesterol by fifteen to thirty percent and significantly reducing lipoprotein A.

A herb that lowers cholesterol is artichoke leaf, which works by limiting the synthesis of cholesterol in the body. Artichokes are also known to contain cynarin that raise bile production in the liver and speeds the flow of bile from the gallbladder, which together raise the excretion of cholesterol. Orange juice and some salad dressings also contain cynarin.

Garlic is considered the ultimate herb that lowers cholesterol with amazing antioxidant properties. My favorite herb is Guggul comes from Indias Ayurvedic medicine valued for over two thousand years to control cholesterol through its active ingredient called guggusterone that helps in increasing the rate at which the liver takes up and breaks down LDL cholesterol from the blood. As a meat substitute soy products assists to reduce cholesterol. Eating 47 grams of soy possibly helps in reducing total cholesterol by up to nine percent and LDL cholesterol by 13 percent. In closing in this revealing article lets not forget hawthorn a herb rich in bioflavonoids helps stabilize collagen and reduces blood cholesterol.

Now back to my husband, I gave him the book and as he read it he grasped how simple the natural alternative to heart health and lowering his cholesterol really was. In just 60 days his bad cholesterol had dropped.

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Learn how you can lower your cholesterol naturally Dr. Debra Arko a successful alternative care provider commits her time writing reports on health topics. Her stories about clients and family help millions find better health and beauty quickly and simply.

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