Sunday, September 20, 2009

Balanced living for a Healthy life?

by Mr. Parveen

In today's world almost every things get out of balance in some cases its easy to see and in other cases you cant also see it until it?s almost too late. People make people and at sometimes they don't have the tools to do your job properly. Also i would like to a minute to share with you some of my thoughts on about when I was out balance and how I put my self back into balance properly. One might be asking that what is a balanced life?
Also mental health and physical health can work against on each other and cause long list of problems in a human mind and in body. In my past I used to and had to over come a list of things that took me so far out of balance, for that my world felt as though it was really out of control. As the human mind is as delicate as it is complex and that's were we can begin also. In Our feelings and thoughts can also take us in so many various directions.
For instance, For example, I became depressed at young age then I self medicated and if that lead to acting out in anger, then some self isolation which can lead to over eating. When i was sitting in a chair and struggled to get out of it; also at thirty seven years old I used to look fifty seven and can felt it as well. This entire was very terrible and finally had more and decided to pick myself up at the same moment and move forward on repairing my body, mind and also my soul.
Generally taking the first step is the key to finding yourself self in the way back to being a balance. So admitting this to yourself that you can have a problem that has been also covered up or never really dealt with is was we all have to start quickly. Also it can be very painful for anyone but the end results are well worth it.
As your problems may be the same as on mine or having entirely different but the end result of this is that you may have also become out balance with your life. The Life can throw a curve ball and at any of us when ever it wants. The inner strength both mental and physical can also be lost or built to amazing levels of life.
But it does not matter what the case may be, also it is the truth is a huge part of a balanced life. It is advisable to live in the truth and never lie to yourself again.

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