Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Are You Aware of the Fish Oil Side Effects and Their Solutions?

By: John Robinson

Of late, more and more people have come to know about the benefits of fish oil on their overall health. But, there are very few people who are curious to know about the side effects of fish oil. All the hype about the benefits of the fish oil and fish oil supplements have build up a favorable notion about the dietary supplements and hence, a few people discuss about its adverse effect on our health.

One of the reasons that repel most people from taking fish oil is its fishy smell. However, looking at the numerous benefits of the omega-3 fatty acids that are present in fish oil, the odor can be ignored. Alternatively, there are many pharmaceutical companies manufacturing fish oil supplements that lack the fishy odor. Apart from the odor, there are some serious side effects of this beneficial dietary supplement. Let’s discuss about the negative effects of fish oil.

Effect of Pollution on Fish
The most striking feature of fish oil is the affect of pollution on the water and fish as well. The increase in the mercury level and other problems related to pollution has intoxicated the fish. Consumption of such fish is a sure-fire way to experience the side effects of fish oil. The Environmental Defense Network has warned against intake of some kinds of fish more than once or twice in a week.

Solution: There is an effective alternative to direct intake of fish oil- fish oil supplements. The manufacturing companies of fish oil capsules take necessary steps to purify the fish and fish oil to diminish the noxious elements. Health experts are of the view that regular intake of fish oil supplements are the best way to get all the benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids and do away with the side effects of fish oil.

Confusion about the Dosage of Fish Oil
Most people think that as fish oil are beneficial for health and should be consumed much to get more benefits. But the fact is there is a limit to the dosage of fish oil intake. It is generally advised not to take more than 200 gm of fish oil in a week in a normal health condition. When the Omega-3 fatty acids are recommended for a specific health requirement, there are different doses for different diseases. If you are taking the fish directly to get that benefit, it is nearly impossible to know the exact amount that you are taking in your diet. In some cases, taking fish oil more than the required amount can cause different fish oil side effects.

Solution: There is a simple solution to this problem- fish oil supplements. Apart from being purified, the fish oil capsules are prepared with specific amount of Omega-3 fatty acids and other required ingredients. The supplements can save you from the side effects of fish oils.

Some people complain of diarrhoea, upset stomach, nausea and belching problems due to fish oil supplements. Hence, it is crucial to take advice of health experts before consumption of any fish oil supplements to avoid the side effects of fish oil and fish oil supplements.

Apart from extensive health benefits, there are few fish oil side effects. However, there are also easy solutions to the problem.

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