Friday, June 5, 2009

Being Prevented Saves You Better

With the dangers of swine flu spreading all across the world, taking preventive measures is really very important to keep ourselves and our families safe. By taking few precautionary measures you can mitigate the chances of contracting this outrageous outbreak of swine flu.For prevention of swine flu it is essential to wash hands with soap and warm water and rinse your hands thoroughly for minimum thirty to forty seconds. Before leaving and after entering your office or house, you must always clean your hands. It is advisable to use antibacterial hand cleaners especially which have alcohol content of sixty percent or more. These hand cleaners are easily available in drug stores and super markets.There are rumors that for prevention of swine flu, Tamiflu and Relenza medication can be taken as a preventive measure which you must refrain from doing especially if you have no symptoms of swine flu. Purchasing these medications is not only cutting the supply for those who actually need them but consuming these medications can have adverse side effects too.For prevention of swine flu from spreading, if any of your family members is sick, keep them at home. Ask your children to wash their hand as frequently as possible and avoid touching other schoolmate’s belongings and if they do so then they shouldn’t touch their face without washing their hands thoroughly.At home clean your kitchen counter tops with Clorox wipes. Keep you bathroom, living room, dining room and bedroom very clean. You can use Lysol spray on light switches, toilet seats, handles, freezer and fridge handles to kill the bacteria of swine flu.Since swine flu has been spreading everywhere and as a prevention of swine flu - don’t feel embarrassed in cleaning your workplace with alcohol wipes including telephones, desk tops and computer mouse. After all it’s your life that is precious and valuable. As prevention against swine flu you should always carry alcohol wipes and use them after touching surfaces in public buildings, parks, fast food restaurants, door knobs, even currencies and other public places where germs can be more prevalent.Always cover your nose and mouth if you have cough. Usually all the germs from the respiratory system are transmitted on hands when you cough or sneeze and by touching door knobs, dinking fountains, door handles etc the germs are passed on. This can have a devastating effect on others if a person is a carrier of swine flu. One way to deal with this is use disposable napkins and after coughing or sneezing discard the napkin.If you or your family member experience flu like symptoms then you must visit a doctor immediately. Use a mask till the time the doctor checks and diagnoses your ailment. An ounce of swine flu prevention is better than a pound of cure.

Taking right measures and being prevented will help individuals to be safe and secure. Prevent swine flu infection and lead your life happily…
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