Thursday, December 18, 2008

Why Think about the Environment?

The environment, your neighborhood, can affect your life, health, and safety. Pollution creates many health risks that can harm you or cause illness. Sometimes the risks are so obvious and sometimes are indirect and may need a long time to make you ill. So some environmental issues can affect more than one generation. You can change your life room safer by being aware of local environmental hazards. Once you know the problems, you can begin to take action to protect and improve your surrounding.

We have only one Earth and that is the only home for all human in the world. Our earth is so lovely planet, and when we love it indeed we love ourselves. We must learn to keep our home clean and safe. Education is the key to learning and understanding the environment. You may apply this earth-based psychology and the other idea of path awareness—the innate ability to sense where to turn at a moment. You can draw together disparate components of contemporary science and ancient wisdom as the best direction through inner turmoil, relationship trouble, team and community issues, and world issues. This can also be a fun that lets you do activity outdoors in natural life. You can use your environmental awareness and knowledge to improve your life. This will create a better quality for you and give you new look and experience too.

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