Sunday, December 7, 2008

When Shall I Eat?

Where would food be considered in the matter of maintaining good health? Yup, everyone knows food is an important factor. Not only when we eat, but what we eat, and how much of each kind of food is taken into the body are the key questions.

Almost everyone enjoys eating. After working hard or having exercise, we are often hungry. The simple fact is that hunger is a signal that our bodies use to tell us to look after definite need. The signals make us feel uncomfortable and we seek to change conditions so that we may feel satisfaction. We need respond the signals in ways that bring not only comfort but desirable results.

Hunger is a sensation which occurs when muscles in the stomach are contracting and there isn't any food to keep the walls of the stomach from touching. Of course, it does not tell us what kinds of food are needed.

On the other hand, appetite is created by tastes, odors, colors, and appearance of specific foods that we like. Appetite for the taste of a food sometimes leads us to eat so much of one kind that we neglect another which our body needs. Unless we learn which foods are necessary, then appetite alone may become poor guide for us.

Scientifical resources inform us the effects of foods on human health and the kind of diet that gives the best results. In fact, not all people have the same food supply or money to purchase food. Nor do they have the same likings or family customs. There is a minimum amount all foods without which life cannot be sustained, as there is also an optimal amount which promotes our feeling of well-being and health.

In this changing world, we are facing more choices than ever. We need have some information and be able to choose the right food, the healthy food. What kinds of food do we need everyday in order to maintain good condition? Shall I have junk food or organic one for my lunch, canned vegetables or the fresh one for my dinner?

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