Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wanna Live Longer? Then Eat Less

Do you want to get more satisfaction out of meal and appreciate food more? If so, try fasting minimal one day a week. It need some serious determination, but just think of the benefits. Most Americans every day consuming far more calories than they need, especially if they work a sedentary cubical profession. Recent scientific researches have shown that those extra calories may actually be taking years off your life, even if you’re not obese.

Also think about this fact: if you’re passing up a meal that contains meat, you will be really reducing the amount of carbon dioxide pollution that you are personally responsible for. There are reasons why vegetables and plants are safer. And surely you could be saving money that could be used to eat healthier and delicious food the rest of the week! However, if after careful regular fasting you look yourself in the mirror seem thinner than some models, then you might be overdoing it. So take moderate fasting anyway and live a happier life.

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