Sunday, December 7, 2008

Riding Bike and Your Health

Riding a bike is excellent aerobic exercise, and the longer and more you ride, the better the workout and the better for your health. Its part of your healthy lifestyle. Cycling is also an important mode of transport for today, beside other new innovation like green cars. You could ride to work and not only get the health benefits, but also save on gas costs as a green lifestyle, reduce public transport tickets and parking costs. However, before you even think about biking, get the consultation from your doctor. Cycling is a good form of exercise, and it's fun. There are lots of health results related with regular cycling. Your cardiovascular fitness will improve and this means you’ll lower your risk of heart attack and stroke. Pedalling is low impact, so you can improve muscle tone without stressing your knee and ankle joints.

Cycling, good for your health! Riding a bicycle is even said reverse some of the effects of ageing. Once you have the medical clearance make a schedule to gradually start biking. It depends on your end targets but start with short bike rides around your neighborhood or local bike paths -- usually 2-3 miles at first, gradually adding a few miles at a time. You may prefer to cycle for fun, by yourself or with family or friends, along some of bike paths. You could even take a bike-riding holiday. And regardless of the temperature or other weather conditions, pack enough water for your biking adventures -- and carry money along the way if you need it. Cycling is really a great healthy lifestyle.

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