Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Next Advances in Health and Environment

According a convention held by US National Academy of Engineering (NAE), human being need to identify problems for technology in the 21st century that, if solved, would change the world. The experts said that the pace of next advances in technology would means the rate of progress will be 30 times faster in the next half century and that opens up the prospect of innovation in many fields, including better health and better sustainable ways of living. Personalised medicine would combine genetic information with clinical data to tailor drugs and doses to fullfill the needs of an individual patient. It would mean longer, healthier lives; communication technology would get faster and cheaper; and we will hopefully make more sustainable way of life.

Of course old and new threats to personal and public health need more effective and more readily available treatments. Vulnerabilities to pandemic conditions, terrorist violence, and natural disasters demand serious searches for new methods of protection and prevention. The availability of clean energy was a priority. It is identified that sun is a source of environmentally friendly power that bathing the Earth with more energy than the planet's population consumes. Technology inventions will make solar energy affordable. Sunlight is a free energy source, but the ability to catch it is limited and expensive at present. It takes time to use fully those promising future resources.

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