Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gardening without Chemicals

Gardening is a good source of pleasure, our relationship with nature and our haven from a restless life. If you are fond of gardening, there is a good reason to go chemical free. Avoid health risk in gardening because of the use of chemical fertilisers, snail baits, chemical pesticides, fungicides and weed killers. Fresh and homegrown fruit or vegetable is subject to contamination; the soil is destroyed and beneficial insects like bees, ladybugs and butterflies are harmed. Green gardening is one of excellent practice of green concept.

Concerning the pest, it is good idea to avoid those chemical. If you've used chemicals in the past, this might sound like an invitation to pest for miles around to consume your garden in days! That might just happen, why? There's a cause. Remember, spraying against pests often will kills the predators too. When you halt the treatment, back come the aphids. Their ladybird and lacewing predators, whose breeding cycle need longer time, are much slower to return. So stick with natural way and no chemicals. Plant your garden to have much variety if possible, and in some months no one species will be able to grow out of control. The more different and complex your garden is, the more resilient it would be.

So the reality is we don't need those quick-fix chemicals and. Organic gardening is so simple, cost-saving and far more efficient, ensuring better health for soil and beneficial organisms. Just use organic gardening ways such as weeding by hand, mulching, composting, companion planting, natural pest control, permaculture and biodynamic methods. This is more sustainable and healthier for us, our gardens and our earth. There are many resources on natural gardening you can refer. Finally you'll be aware that you never need chemicals. And your garden will be a real great environment to live in.

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