Friday, December 5, 2008

Control Blood Pressure with Healthy Lifestyle

Elevated blood pressure increases the risk of several unhealthy conditions. Lowering the burden of atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases, including cerebral infarction, by reducing high cholesterol is one of the main goals in public health care. You need to keep your healthy diet if you have high blood pressure problems. You should eat a healthy diet and have healthy lifestyle. Learn how body and mind related each other. This will help reduce and lower your blood pressure in your body. Anyone with high blood pressure should have alternatives to table salt, such as low sodium ’salt’ products, or other flavourings such as herbs and spices.

Take exercise on regular basis. This is part of your healthy lifestyle. Research proves that people who take more than 30 minutes aerobic exercise, for three to five times weekly, lower elevated blood pressure levels. If now you’re being treated for high blood pressure and have repeat readings in the normal range, so good your blood pressure is under normal control. However, you better keep still have healthy lifestyle too. You should see the doctor and consult things to do to keep it under control. There you need diagnose of your blood pressure, control the sodium content in your diet, checking whether you have a family history of high blood pressure and checking if you have diabetes.

Blood pressure usually rise with age. However, following a healthy lifestyle really helps some people delay or prevent this elevation in blood pressure. Living healthy lifestyle can be so simple as healthy breathing and meditation. Beside living healthy lifestyle, people who have high blood pressure can take steps to control it and lower their risks for related health problems. Following a healthy lifestyle, having regular medical care and following the treatment schedule that doctor prescribes.

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