Saturday, December 27, 2008

Basic Things About Longevity

The top health care in the world is good self care: learning to live healthfully that you can safely avoid hospitals, doctors, drugs, and surgery. The human body has an inborn ability for healing and rejuvenation. This natural process can be inhibited by some factors, such as personal habits and the environment. The best and most effective methods for renewing health are to follow the requirements of proper diet, wholesome environment, appropriate activities, and adequate sleep.

Concerning food: diet choice is the single most crucial element effecting human health, and it is easily within our control. Good food options, combined with other health factors, give you your best possible chance for a long and rewarding life. Nowadays many people in society misunderstand that heart disease and cancer are the effect of living longer and a natural consequence of aging. (A similar mistaken view is the idea that disease is largely genetic and beyond our control.) Healthy people around the world see no heart disease or cancer in their eldest. And, there are no strokes in populations whose meal is consist of natural food diets with no added salt. In short, try to live in green environment.

Thus disease is not caused by aging but by negative influences that burden the body over the years and finally lead to cellular dysfunction. Water dripping on a rock over years may finally wear a hole in the rock, but it is not time that makes the hole; it is the water. We, too, have diseases of aging through our own attitude. It mean that we can easily make for ourselves a long life span, free of serious diseases from birth to a natural death.

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