Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Talking about Aging

Every one of us experiencing aging. Advancing age may seem to many of us as a scaring phenomenon of a lifecycle. Human born, growing as a child, teenager, adult, and facing the next process. Am I talking something hateful? I hope not. Aging is something natural and we can shift our manner from 'we have to face it' to 'we will face it with smile.' We are not alone with this aging things. Trees, earth, sky, piramids, birds, apartments, teenagers in school, etc. …, we are becoming older and older. It is very usual and natural. So, I think we don’t need to evade this curious thing.

All we need to do for the first time is: just feel free to think about aging. It is not something scary or ghastly look. It is our friend, something accompany every thing in this vast universe. No need to make him/her enemy. Even, we need to know him/her better.

People think about season cycle: spring, summer, autumn, and fall. Or daily sun cycle: dawn, morning, noon, evening. Yeah, eventually everything will walk through the same process.

So what can we do to happily being aging ones, knowing that we are not the same as we were at the old days.

The question is whether we are mindful about ourselves, knowing this aging body. By knowing what happens, we can take a good steps to face this aging life, this old earth and this old self. Take an example: We plant a seed of herb. After some times, we watched how the seed was growing so beautiful, showing the pretty flowers or fruits. We can help the herb maintain its lifecycle longer than if we don’t try to care it better.

It means we can save our life longer and better via awareness of ourselves. So what are the good steps of it? Here are:

Take care of your body. Don’t put waste or toxin in your body. Let your body flow in this natural scheme as much as possible. You have two legs, they are created for human to walks. So, give your legs enough chance to walk in your days. You have kidney. So don’t overburden it with unnatural drinking. Your kidney loves water. It was specifically not created to accept unnatural substances (think about soda, chemical substance, etc.)

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