Sunday, November 30, 2008

Simple Tips for Staying Healthy

Here is 10 Tips to Stay Healthy
There are a few main ways that you can stay healthy
1. Don’t smoke. What you can do now is to stop smoking if you already haven’t. If you can, stop. If you can’t, cut down
2. Follow a balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables. But think before you eat. Go ahead, have the latkes, eggnog or banana custard. Just eat them slowly and in moderation,
3. Keep physically active.Get creative and take a walk at lunch, park your car further away from the front door at the mall, walk one way to work, or walk the kids to school or daycare. The health benefits of walking or other activities are tremendous and it's important to find ways to work it into your life.
4. Manage stress by, for example, talking things through and making time to relax
5. If you drink alcohol, do so in moderation
6. Cover up in the sun, and protect children from sunburn. Everybody is different, but your skin can show improvement with regular exercise simply because you have focused on increasing your lean muscle mass and therefore help to tighten up your skin. In most cases some patients may be left with some visible loose skin. Remember that exercise aids in improving skin elasticity: it doesn’t fix the problem.
7. Practise safer sex
8. Take up cancer screening opportunities
9. Be safe on the roads: follow the Highway Code
10. Learn the First Aid ABC – airways, breathing and circulation

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