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How to Prevent Mental Disorder

How to prevent mental disorders, especially in children? Sixty percent of people who suffer from one or other complex disorders such as hypertension, epilepsy, diabetes, schizophrenia, which has a genetic component, and were partly caused by inadequate food habits and other environmental reasons.
If detected and treated early, it would be possible d' to prevent the mental disorder among children. Slowness in all the activities and l' incapacity d' to identify the parents symptoms early for this disease were certain. The muscular dystrophy s' is produced in the male children, and whose symptoms were difficulties while going and while going up to the top of the staircases. A particular gene in the chromosome of X of `because the disorder. One in 5.000 male children was affected by this disorder, whereas the children of girl n' were not affected. The genetic treatment early could cure the disease or prevent l' child d' to obtain the serious mental disorder.
The genetic specialist said that the studies indicated that many of those, which had the genetic diseases, had been born with the consanguineous parents (who are parents of blood). The separate studies proved that many mentally - the delayed children had been born with the consanguineous parents, it said. The reason for which the marriages between blood relations had as consequence the children being constant with serious disorders was the fact that the two copies of some current genes in l' child were abnormal. Each human body has 35.000 pairs of genes, one in each pair being derived from the father and other from the mother. L' newborn would not develop a disorder, if that of genes were normal. The medical research was still remote d' possibility; to prevent the mental and physical disorder in the children by antenatal genetic engineering, or to cure the diseases by genetic engineering since the gene cartography had been an expensive business. With the development d' a separated laboratory, l' unit would function with d' other departments, to see points of right, children d' test for symptoms of the genetic disorders, parents d' legal consultant, and l' test to prevent the children d' to obtain mental disorders during qu' they aged.

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