Friday, November 7, 2008

Counting Calories

Sometimes we try to count calories we take in our daily meals. Of course it is possible to count them by measuring this or that food. We can take a look at calories listed in book or manuals. While it is no possible to list all foods, you surely are able to find ones similar to those that you use.

Just estimate the energy value of everything that you have eaten during the last two days. Be sure that you include between-meal snacks, a treat atau the soda fountain, the cream and sugar you may have put in some coffee, the gravy on you potato, the jelly on your toast, and other seemingly small additions to the diet.

The sum of all these calories is an estimate of the energy value of your meals. It tells nothing about the building properties or other health provisions in food. Estimation of calories is limited in value, principally, for controlling or maintaing weight. After we understands which foods have high energy value and which have low, it is possible to select meals with this factor in mind. Then it becomes more practical to check our weight than to count calories.

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