Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Carrot Juice

Popeye the sailor eat spinach. Bugs Bunny eat carrot, and he played good performance too. But we don’t have to be bunny to get health benefits from this nice root . Most of us have heard that eating carrot will improve our health.

There are some facts on carrot. It contains rich beta-carotene, which help our body create vitamin A supply. And this easily absorbed by our body. You may know that vitamin A helps maintain healthy vision (especially night vision). Carrot may help prevent cataracts and increase the immune system too. They reduce the risk of some types of cancer, function as natural solvent for any ulcer. They keep your bone and teeth structure in strong condition. Carrot taste sweet too.

Instead of buying the bottled one, it would be better to make your own raw carrot juice. No preservative, no strange additives. Making your own raw carrot juice will make it feel that the gift is presented fresh from the nature.

If you experience some skin 'discoloration' after drinking such juice, be sure, it is not a bad news. Such phenomenon is indicating that your body is getting cleansing from within.

When preparing carrot juice, try to buy organic grown carrots. Remember, carrot skin and its surfaces are containing valuable nutrition, so you don’t have to peel it.

If the taste is not much acceptable, you can blend it with other fruits and vegetables you like. This is one of the great recipes from The Kiripalu Cookbook: Gourmet Vegetarian Recipes, by Atma Jo Ann Levitt (Berkshire House Publishers).

Carrot, Celery and Apple Juice

Preparation time 10 minutes

Makes 2 cups juice

Ingredients: 5 medium carrots, 3 stalks celery, 3 small apples, cored.

Instruction:Wash all ingredients well, chop and blend.

Drink immediately the juice as it is still in fresh and best condition ;)

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