Sunday, October 26, 2008

Keep the Flame

Keeping the sexual flame alive between spouses is duty of both party. Sexual warmth must be kept stable and living. The decline of sexual desire will affect the harmony of a family.

Long time decline in sexual desire will causing some serious problems in family life. This fatally may end up in divorce, though, divorce is not exclusively caused by sexual satifasction. Another impact mencolok/ which is happened is marriage filled quarrell, misunderstanding, and restless daily life.

There are some thing to do: First, keep yourself healthy, physically and mentally. Watch your body, take care of it, love it. You, too, must pay attention to your psychological factors. Eliminate or reduce things that making trouble for you.

Second, build an open communication between spouse. This will help both of you talk freely every problem, including sexual activity. The fondation/basis of marital relationship is communication. (By the way, ethimologists say that word communication has thing to do with word communion.) For example, it may happens that in sexual intercourse, the wife never attain orgasm or worse, she experience vaginismus (a condition when vagina kerut/ everytime both of them will make sexual intercourse, and it was cancelled, because it caused pain). If a wife in this condition, she is encouraged to communicate her problem with her husband. Another example, when a husband begin to see her wife tidak peduli/ with her own performance/appearance, he will communicate this dengan halus/ to her wife.

A healthy family need warmth and openness, too. Hindari/ making assumption. Just talk to him/her. Try to express your opinion positively and politely. Be a good listener. Think twice before saying bad word/negative words. Seek/cari the best condition or place to talk about the problem. If it feel better, you may go out from home to talk something without emotional atmosphere.

Marital relationship need variation, too. Both of the partner need some fresh way to reduce the boredom. For instance, they may change usual sexual position with some new position never before. Beside sexual position, location/place is another important thing. For variation, husband and wife are encouraged not to do sexual intercourse only in bed. Try to seek new place that will create new sensation. So, it is important to jalani/ second honeymoon, third honeymoon, and so on.

Libidinal gangguan/trouble/problem must be awasi/ early. If the symptom going on and on without ample therapy, there will be erectile disfunction permanently. It is better for spouses that feel that there is sexual passion gangguan/disfunction to see the doctor/physician before thing worsen. []

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