Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I am of opinion that health is one of important aspects of happiness. Without healthy condition, many things are unenjoyable. Although happiness and health are two different thing, we cannot deny that there is close relationship between them.

The quest of them are universal one. Everyone need them. Everyone loves happiness. Everyone want to be healthy. Everyone would like to experience an excellent healthy life. But do really they do what they want? And if they are willing to practice healthy life, what things to do?

Many things we are able to do. It is an apt view that the person who has a sincere and authentic aspiration to improve her/his health, herself/himself and way of life can bring this about through his own efforts, in many ways. Provided he is given some information and guidance as to what he needs to know and where to start in this self-improvement plan.

One simple thing to start is knowledge of the importance of correct thinking, how the mind influences the way we feel. This awareness will lead us to achieve inner strength, to survive adversities and improve our health in simple way so that we can enjoy fuller life.

Interesting to note that recent scientifical findings affirms long-age traditions, that human mind is fundamental thing. It is asserted that we all have greater mind-power than we may realize. Everything within reason is humanly possible. There is much that we can do to correct and improve our condition.

By proving it ourselves, we take real steps to the reality that we possess mind powers—that by mastering our mind we can do things we want it to do. It can be tremendous weapon at our command, enabling us to manage everyday situations wisely, to run a healthy life. It is an old and proven philosophy that to live healthy you must think healthy, that to live right you must think right.

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