Tuesday, October 7, 2008

ADHD and Additives in Food

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recently reported that food additives and/or sodium benzoate (commonly used as preservative in soft drinks) may indeed increase hyperactive behavior in children. However, this should not lead parents to think that simply taking these substances out of food will prevent all hyperactive symptoms. Many other influences are at work but this additive at least is one we can avoid.

So if there are particular types of food that affect your child’s behavior, you can try eliminate that food, than see if there is difference for a period. We may think about limiting food with additives and sodium benzoate. After all, your child need healthy and balanced diet. Too restraining diet is not good, however. For the best result, consult with doctor before trying drastic diet.

One thing to note: diet and nutritional changes is one of several options to incorporate into an ADHD treatment strategy. There are other way: medication, coaching, exercises or aerobic, are options that are popular methods prescribed by ADHD therapists. These are the most frequently dispensed remedies, and you can always do things you find best.

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