Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sunrise/ Sunset

By: Kate Miller

Nature, a wonderful creation of God has the power to inspire people. Have you ever seen the beauty of the sunrise? Have you ever thought what does it imply to the all the living creatures. Nature in all forms does signify something or the other. It is only we, the human who need to understand to what it is indicating. Nature is a source of education as well entertainment. It gives us immense pleasure and joy. Whenever you come across some scenic beauty you cannot stop yourself from giving a sigh of happiness. The beauty of nature overshadows your sorrows and helps you come out of it. Nature plays the role of a magician.

Sunrise an ultimate creation of God is something to admire and has inspired many. Sunrise indicates a new beginning, a fresh start. It brings brightness in life and inspires people to start the day with energy and intensity. Now even if you do not take it as an inspiration, view the sight of the sunrise to enjoy its beauty. It is an awe-inspiring and spectacular sight. Often individuals out of laziness or even just like that do not take out time to watch this beautiful scene. People should make an effort to get up early morning to see how the burning ball comes out hidden from somewhere deep inside the earth. Couples should especially not miss this fantastic panorama. As couples you give company to each other and enjoy the view even more. Get up before sunrise and wear warm clothes if you are not the one who gets up early morning, carry hot coffee or tea along to the point where you could sit and take pleasure in the cinematic sunrise. It is something unique and rare that gives you a kind of pleasure with it roots deep inside you. You feel a kind of excitement from within that you never felt before. It is always good to look at such beautiful scenery as it excites as well as inspires you to begin the day afresh with new energy filled within you.

Sunset too is a good way to entertain you. Go to a place where you could enjoy the sunset. If it is a sunset beach point the view is breathtaking and even the sunset in the hills is extremely beautiful. It entertains and also tells you that rest is a must after working the whole day. The beauty of sunset is splendid. You get a quiet and calm feeling during and after sunset. It seems that everything has come to a halt. That stillness is a must to sit back and realize how far you have come in life. Make it a point to go to the sunset/ sunrise point and view the scenery to understand the beauty nature.

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