Thursday, May 29, 2008

Do You Live In A Green Environment Or Is Your Environment Transparent?

By: Alex L
People today are becoming more concern about the environment and go green environmental services than the last century. Over the century, our environment has gone from green to transparent. Transparent meaning chemical use more and more taking the natural product and turning it to transparent with so many chemicals a person reading the label would hardly find the natural product.

Today and for years we eat, sleep, breath, walk, drive, work, play, wear, and see with chemicals. As we know, most foods today made with chemicals or made up with chemicals to make the fastest way to prepare food. The cooking equipment we use, to the coffee pot for morning coffee is chemical made.

We sleep on chemical pillows, sheets, blankets, comforters and yes, the pajamas are full of chemicals. To find out more about good quality bedding for the sleeping and where to purchase the bedding, check out environmental green web directory, and go green environmental services.

Soaps and laundry aids. Use low suds soap and the more organic the better for everyone. Today going to the store and buying a shampoo could be a chore. A whole isle of chemical treatment for washing your hair waits anyone. Using good organic shampoo for hair will not only help the environment in addition, will help keeping your hair healthy. Look for the go green environmental services label on the packages to make sure this is environmental safe.

Start with replacing energy efficiency appliances in the home. Look at the green innovative lighting use light bulbs that give great light still help with efficiency and has the go green environmental services logo. Look at the fixtures in the home, the bathroom, kitchen, laundry area and other rooms. Some of the fixtures are simple to replace and low cost to help with saving for the larger replacement for going green.

Furniture has chemicals in the finishing's, stains, fabric, and foam. Start with simple improvements with the furniture though out the home. Beds that are made of wood known to hold bugs and diseases replace with metal bed frames. Metal bed frames will not let bugs and diseases in bed in the metal. Metal is also easier to keep clean. Mattresses that have chemicals, that are unhealthy replace with good cotton filled and spring mattress. Some of the mattress for going green is fire resistant and stain resistant. Look for the go green environmental services logo before purchasing the mattress.

Are you thinking about remodeling a room, home perhaps thinking about building a new home? Construction companies are becoming more aware of the going green environment using products for energy efficiency and fewer chemicals to build a home.

Searching the internet is a good place to find tips and suggestions on how you today can start with turning your transparent environment back to green. Go green environmental Forum & Articles and environmental green web directory can help you get started today.

Environmental green web directory has sites that can help anyone to start to become green. The directory offers sites for go green environmental services, shopping services and Go green environmental Forum & Articles to help with the green products and green innovative lighting . Visit the go green directory to start the transparent back to green.

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