Saturday, April 26, 2008

Branded Water

Did you know that people all over the world consumed billions liters plus of water? For every man, woman, and child, that equates to gallons of water. It takes tons of materials to manufacture all those things. Maybe we are concerned with theclimate impact if that water is trucked thousand miles. Or, consider that much of bottled water comes from much farther away.

Then we sometimes need purified water. We have a vision of purity and some people are buying it with the best of intentions. However, those manufactured packed water need to be considered much than tap water.

Investment managers are predicting the water market (or, as one enthusiast called it, the "blue gold" market) will keep growing. Water, some financial investment managers say, is the next-best thing to oil or diamonds. And some people see issues of water come in.

Consumers deserve the option of drinking those branded water. But they need to be informed about things to do to use them wisely. We can see other options too.

Purchase nontoxic, reusable water cans for you and your family. There are nontoxic onesfor kids. There are pioneers that have started to make bottles out of corn. Not only that they are the first manufacturer that doesn’t contribute to climate change, but all their profits go to clean water projects as well. If you feel compelled to buy water, buying from companies like that is a step in the right direction. We can use branded water with a wiser step.

If you’re not satisfied with your tap water quality, you can filter it. There are brands out there. You can choose from different types of filtering systems from faucet to whole house. There are simple things we can do to reduce "energy footprint" . If you don't like the taste buy a filter. However, there's really no valid reason to think those branded water is any healthier than tap water vice versa.

Join online group to seek more advices about better practice in using above things. They give completely simple tips that everyday people can make a difference with life.

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