Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Save Energy: How Tos

The use of energy nowadays is shocking. We try however to cut this wherever possible. It seems bothering maybe at first, but if we practiced a few of these below, we could reduce energy consumption by a significant amount. All we need is a few minutes, and there will be a difference. Here is some simple stuff to help all of us save energy. This tips will save money on electricity too, so you can buy more things.

Do energy audit. Take a pencil and paper. Do survey which analyzes your home's structure, appliances and insulation, as well as your family's lifestyle. Cut energy consumption if possible. Make a list.

Try to operate energy consumers efficiently, or replace them. Think about alternatives for your CRT (cathode ray tube), replace it with an LCD (liquid crystal display). LCD is healthier to your eyes, has better quality of screen display, and environmental friendly. The prices lower than ever. Avoid using incandescent lightbulbs, and replace them with compact florescent bulbs for they consume a lot less energy. Note that older computers draws a lot of power than newer ones. Of course, new computers not only more energy-efficient but also better in performance and facilities.

Run the dishwasher and clothes washing machines only with full loads. Try to take showers, not baths. A shower will use about 1/3 amounts of water than needed by filling a bathtub. Use smaller appliances whenever possible. Small microwaves or toaster ovens can save 75 percent energy than large electric oven.

Adjust your PC settings. This is simple yet effective way to cut consumption. You can set the monitors and hard drives to turn off after a certain time. Many computer systems allows you to put your computer into stand-by or sleep mode.

Turn them off. Try to not leave any lamps on when leaving a room for more than some minutes. Don’t forget the fact that some consumer electronics still draw amount of power when they are ‘off’. Unplug any electrical device that's not being used. Many appliances, especially computers and televisions draw power even when turned off. Turn the AC off when the air out side its nice, just open the windows and let the fresh air in. It’s healthier too.

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