Sunday, March 23, 2008

Glimpse on Eastern/Tao Medicine

Eastern medicine has a very long history. We can date back thousands of years, with many leading minds and thoughts contributing to its evolution. For instance, Chinese medicine. Mostly based in Taoist principles, this Eastern medicine has its own unique methods that include acupuncutre, herbs, massage, and chi kung exercise. Chi is fundamental to all of these treatments.
Talking about chi, it is said that chi is everywhere in various forms, both within our body and outside in our environement around. When we are in harmony, we function atau our best. Chi flows freely and we move through life effortlessly. Eastern medicine can be seen as an inner Way to correct problems with chi within our body.
The earliest text of Eastern medicine is the Yellow Emperors’s Inner Classic (The Huang Ti Nei Ching), written around 300 BC. In the second century CE Taoist health schools developed. These groups were led by leading healers who taught better life for people through healthy and moral living. Members of these school were thaught about healthy diet and exercise to promote their health along with medical prescriptions for various illness and disease.

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