Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Our Earth, Our Life

This earth is under the most severe danger. Deserts are widening. Forests and ocean are being destroyed at an alarming rate. Lakes, rivers green lands and even seas are being polluted. Maybe the utmost thing of all is that the very air we have to breathe is becoming dramatically altered. And everyone knows that air knows no frontiers to go. If you are living in green northern hemisphere of our earth, or the more temperate parts of it, it is easy for us to be unaware of this. But people over by far the greater part of our planet, if they take a look, are very much aware of it. A number of pamflets and seminars have called attention to the dangers and have tried to alert people to what is happening. But what has been lacking is small steps and talking about what to do about the disease that afflict our planet. Surely, it has been important to shout 'beware of damage!' It has been necessary to tell us all: 'Hei, we and every other beings have to live on this earth and we ruin it!' But too much talk may work against our hope. We may see and understand that the deterioration of our world is unavoidable and as individuals we can do nothing to save it. We may feel powerless. But really, we can do something. Small steps, small actions when they are done together, here and there, they all would make a significant change, change toward a better earth, better life.

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