Monday, January 14, 2008

Mind and Body

Does what I think matter? Health is related not only to our body but to our mind too. A person who is concerned about getting the greatest satisfaction from living wants to know the factors that affects him or her. The close interrelationship between mind and body is more and more appreciated nowadays.
All parts of the body work together. The condition of internal organs has effects on external appearance. Conditions that hamper or promote the well-being of one part affect the entire body. Scientists call these relationships psychosomatic (psycho, mind or spirit; somatic, relating to the body). Today physicians are recognizing the need to consider body and mind together in keeping health and treating illness.
Maybe we ever found it very hard work to change car tyre on a hot day but easy to play tennis several hours. Worry about a problem maybe ever distrubed your sleep or spoiled your appetite. Our work partners’ disposition improves after they have a little lunch or a good dinner. The more we complain about work, the harder it is to accomplish anything and the greater the fatigue that you feel.
Of course, we all know that some people pretend illness in order to avoid doing what they dislike. However, we don’t always recognize that many real bodily ills develop because of long-continued emotional strains or difficulties in making adjustments.
Surely, need to adjust never ends. Youth’s concerns may be about making friends, developing muscular strength or becoming an attractive person. Reaching adult age, we find that we have additional interests that have to do with earning a living, promoting measures that will improve the welfare. Persons will become concerned with the selection of a spouse and the establisment of a home. So life will progress. Adjustments to new companions, new ways of living, and new responsibilities continue. Each one must make the adjustments because she or he is a free individual, and the adjustment itself is really related closely to our own health.

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