Friday, January 18, 2008

Not a Wasteland

If we have a chance to travel throughout the continents of, Asia , America, Eropa and Africa for a look on what happen, we will aware of the condition of our planet and our living. What we witness may be won’t make us happy: we may see, among other things, deforestation, bad quality of air and the soil on which we depend is being damaged and polluted.
But instead of remaining thoroughly depressed, we can take our own steps. Maybe it would be a slight different steps from our habit. We can begin simple things that the ordinary person can do to minimize the degradation of this planet. We are not powerless to face the fact that earth is damaged.
We have the choice to avoid damage and we have instinct of self-preservation. We can prevent the coming deterioriaton if each each individual simply becomes aware of the dangers and does what he or she can. It takes individual efforts to make a change and then we can continue to dwell on this earth together. Of course we won’t make this world as a wasteland.

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