Monday, January 14, 2008

Coffee Substitute

Maybe you are a steady ‘user’ of coffee, and it is really addictive. Once you try to remove the habit, it cause great withdrawal symptoms. These usually emerge as nausea or a headache lasting from a few hours to several days. But the withdrawal symptoms are worth going through to liberated from caffeine once and for all.
If we look for the best substitute or alternative for coffee, there area choices. Of course, the best substitutes usually don’t remind you of coffee very much in anything but color. However, they can be delicious in their own right. This alternatives are usually made from chicory and barley or dandelion root, together with spices, and are good sweetened with a portion of honey.
Made with hot milk or hot water topped with milk, these would be a great drink. Hot goat’s milk with honey and cinnamon, or with a little carob powder and honey, makes a pleasant replacement for cocoa. There is another good hot drink can be made: you can add hot water to a pure concentrated fruit juice such as apple or blackcurrant, which can be found in health-food stores.

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