Friday, January 18, 2008

Energy Independence

How many lands on this earth contain enormous amounts of alternative energy. Wind blowing through countries and lands could support many megawatts of wind power. Oceans with their vast water and waves. Sunlight everywhere, etc etc.
With all of this we could generate enough power to minimize all fossil fuel burning power plants. Micro and independent renewable energy plants may really help us fight global warming, generating clean electricity and helping peoples, including them who live in far places.
With our own efforts, we can help ourselves enjoy a climate neutral lifestyle. Even, this effort could be a great thing for people everywhere when they are living in harmony with Earth and other being. And at least, we can attain a portion of energy independence from that development of wind, solar, ocean, and other renewable energy infrastructure on our lands. With all technological findings and facilities, we can grow on some energy source, using efficient domestic energy resources.

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