Thursday, November 15, 2007

Women Don’t Need to Think They Look Fat

Women sometimes feel that they are fat. Even though their images are actually not too big in their mirrors, but they still feel fat. They are having average weight, normal weight, but they still think that they're fat. So, how can we feel better about ourselves? Here are some things to consider:

Really, images we see daily are seldom the real bodies of those women. You know that imaging techniques with computer is so highly developed, and we can do polish almost anything there, and the product are perfect body images. If you are watching cinemas, you can take a close look how camera angles and the pose of the actress make their appearance slimmer.

Women on the cameras are specifically trained heavily on their projects. They work out hard and long time training for their performance purpose, getting plastic surgical operation, with payment awaiting them. Their specific purpose is for that thing, so no wonder they are getting that.

Stay away competition, and don’t let other people order their words on you on how you should look or appear. Be positive about yourself. You are unique, as everybody is unique. You are look best when you develop your own best characteristics.

See the truth. Go the street and you know the truth: how many of them have the 'perfect bodies' that you see on magazine? Majority of people really do not look like those stars.

Healthy person, big or small, is beautiful. Take care of your body, for health body will help you feel fine-looking. Love your body, so will other people. If you want to be attractive, you can begin with your emotion. No real connection between thin and beautiful. Take care of yourself, and don’t try to be someone else. Eat healthy and natural food and get habitual exercise. Live a LOHAS (lifestyle of health and sustainability) in daily life.

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