Thursday, November 15, 2007

Natural Way to Reduce Stress

Experts say that stress is normal thing, and we can agree: daily life is sometimes filled by things you dislike. Stress is something natural. Though, we would feel better if we can deal with those sources of stress, so that we can make our days feel better. Moreover, we can handle our stressing situations without relying too much to pills. Coping with those sources, we have greater opportunity to deal with stress in natural ways, reduce usage of chemical substances; in short, live a healthy lifestyle (LOHAS, lifestyle of health and sustainability).

Get rid of the sources as many as possible. If your desk is messed with scattered papers, rearrange them. If something disheartens on the way to your daily workplace, try to take another way to the same place. Sort out disordered things in your home by selecting the useful ones and throwing away the things that bother you. Make your life simple by eliminating those complicated things.

Be a realistic one. It's a good idea what are your more-and-less habits. You don’t have to make a too-high goals for yourself, you too are able to cut down the laziness or too-slow habit that eventually will make you feel guilty. Make a list and try to set a happy daily targets.

Predict some stressing situations, and evade them. If you are asked by friend to play chess and you feel it would be uneasy for you, decline the invitation. If you know that chess is something stressing for you, you have no reason to play it.

Rivalry with others, whether in achievement, look or wealth is often disturbing. Try to avoid provocation on such issues and build your own setting or condition where you are in power of yourself. You don’t have to do things you actually don’t need to, even do it driven by envy. So, stay secure with yourself.

Do one thing in one time. When you are having your breakfast, you don’t have to watch television or reading your moorning newspaper. It really helpful if you feel good in doing one thing totally, in a full enjoyment.

If you feel that you are stressed until you are physically disturbed (headaches, stomachaches or feeling restless), see the physician or therapist. There are experts to help you accurately.

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