Thursday, November 22, 2007

Green Concept

More and more citizens of the world are shifting towards earth-friendly products and activities that promote green concept. With increasingly enthusiasm, they subscribe to what environmentalists have been supporting for years. Recent discussions converged on approaches to encourage health and sustainability and suggest ways of directing a low-impact life, in which work-hours could be cut back to give more leisure time, material comforts partly surrendered to make possible the search of lasting human values. For instance, significantly people begin avoiding their total dependence on automobile, at least for one day a week.

Diverse research schemes and development projects directed to realize ideas on re-use, redemption of discarded or worn out materials, and recycling of a growing list of things. As a result, incredible changes are taking place here and there. We can see that in house-building industry. People avoided asbes roof, trying to select the human-friendly paint for their houses.

Hotels try to eliminate as many toxins as possible throughout the venue. For the cleaning, they substituted hotel cleaning products with non-toxic cleaning products. They choose selected material for personal hygiene: toxic gift soaps and other less than eco-friendly handouts were eliminated. Some public restrooms and hotel rooms stocked with natural and biodegradable handsoaps.

In packaging industry, some companies choose sustainable packaging: shipping product uses sustainable packaging available, such as newspaper filler rather than styrofoam peanuts.

In short, people begin to realize that they are able to use responsible products. So do we. When we choose to bring or do something, we can keep social and environmental responsibility in mind and support companies that also choose responsible business practices. For example, buying recycled paper rather than virgin one, wearing t-shirts produced by sweatshop-free and organic cotton (or other organic textile) manufacturers. All we need is habitual action.

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