Sunday, November 25, 2007

Electric Bycicle, Simple Hybrid Vehicle

What is a hybrid vehicle? A hybrid vehicle (HV) is a vehicle that draw on two or more different power sources to propel the vehicle such as, human powered bicycle with battery assist, air and internal combustion engines (called a bi-energy vehicle), and a human-powered or sail boat with electric power.

The hybrid vehicle characteristically realises greater fuel economy than conventional internal combustion engine vehicles (ICEVs), such that fewer air pollution emissions are generated per kilometre traveled. In addition, noise emissions are reduced, particularly at idling and low operating speeds, contrasted to conventional gasoline or diesel powered engine vehicles.

It was reported that there were Chinese wheelbarrows with sailing masts, such as depicted in the Atlas of Gerardus Mercator (1512-1594 CE), as well as the 1626 CE book Kingdome of China by J. Speed. The English poet John Milton (1608-1674 AD) also popularized the Chinese sailing wagon in Europe with a poem written in 1665.

Today, simple form of a hybrid are mopeds and electric bicycles, as power is delivered both via an internal combustion engine or electric motor and the rider's muscles. In a parallel hybrid bicycle human and motor power are mechanically coupled at the pedal drive train or at the rear or the front wheel, e.g. using a hub motor, a roller pressing onto a tire, or a connection to a wheel using a transmission element. Human and motor torques are added together. Almost all manufactured models are of this type.

Nowadays, as people trying to be gradually independent from their fossil-fueled automobiles, this light vehicle is being one of the practical alternatives to go the nearby places. This small vehicles can make this life healthier and keep this earth in a homely condition too. Uncomplicated steps with good real effects.

Source: Wikipedia

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