Thursday, November 15, 2007

Considering Alternative Medicine

What are alternative medicine? Some people say that they are kind of medicine lying outside the margins of usual or standard medicine. Some say that alternative medicine are some things irrational or unconfirmed. However, for some recent decades alternative medicine have been object of scientific researches and used by some parties and proven to be helpful remedy to many people's sickness. This progress, of course, indicating that we need to identify and think about alternative medicine in a new way.

We can see how alternative medicine practices actualized in some ways that involving spiritual standards, with some rules and approaches which are unlike Western practices; this fact shows us why they are more difficult to admit in the West rather than in the East where most of these practices begun.

Although some opponents said that alternative medicine may be thought as healing and therapy that practiced by unauthorized practitioners, we can find that in reality even medical doctors and physicians attest alternative medicine as valuable when they use it to their patients.

In the broadest sense, we can say that alternative medicine is a field of remedial and therapy that are not based on proscribed studies. We can think of: several therapies that were begun in the field of alternative medicine now acknowledged and standardized in the medical areas since they are proven scientifically. On the other hand, there were old 'scientific' medical practices that are now disrespected or ruled out for they are proven inefficient or even erroneous.

Some people think alternative medicine as something not good enough for there are no efficient factors there, but we may have close insight that once alternative medicine is completely analized and passed the test, then we can have wide approval for their use. Indeed, we can live a healthier plus more natural lifestyle (LOHAS, Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) without too much usage of chemical substances comprised in standard medicines.

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