Saturday, November 24, 2007

Alternative Energy Projects

Nowadays, we often read that alternative energy plants were built at some remote places at the corners of the world. Wind turbines, solar-celled plant, etc. Optimistically, those projects were seen by many as useful in which everyone get benefit while struggling global warming and producing clean electricity. Some others wonder if this is what they call as a green capitalist's dream.

Since two decades ago, when scientifical writings reported that carbon emissions have piled up globally, corporations with carbon-emitting products gradually feel the need to steer their policy into a new model, no more based on fossil fuel business.

Manufacturers brought new touch into their products and consumers all over the world were introduced to the new products which are intended to help them enjoy a climate-friendly lifestyle. People begin to realize the importance of keeping this nature in good condition, and corporations realized it ahead, integrating this consideration into the business.

It is natural too if we may feel that living in harmony with earth is not only good consciousness, but also good business too. People can bring good intentions to the next projects in various ways.

Some industries has been bringing this earth into bad condition for the cause of profit, would it be better for them to give value on this new global awareness than reducing the negative impacts and transform it into new profit?

I don’t think I have the right answer. At least, perhaps the world communities can access a newer and healthier lifestyle than ever. The elimination of polluting devices, the development of wind, solar, and other renewable energy infrastructure is good news, for one thing. However, this climate-consciuousness and people's true resources should not be abused. Let this good intention flow not only for the sake of profitability but also, and primarily, of sincerity.

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