Monday, June 11, 2007

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Let’s talk about simple facts about garbage. Not all of garbage rots. A lemon peel and a plastic bag, example. After some days you throwed away both things to your garden, you’ll find that the lemon peel has decomposed, in my own experience too ;). But the plastic bag remain as it is, even you check it after several years (remember ‘plastic toys excavation’ game in our childhood?) Plastic bags do not rot and remain in a landfill for years to come. It’s not good for earth and would harm the environment, isn’t it.

We can each cope with this problem of waste, helping the earth (and ourselves too) out of its sad state, by practicing three simple things: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. So simple, I think that we can practice it directly in our daily life, without any confusing theoretical talks (but habituation): in our office, our kitchen, our outdoor activities, etc.

Reduce: we can live simple, reducing or cutting down the amount of the waste. Think twice when you use something: Would it produce more waste? Try to make the best, avoiding waste-producing choice, or reduce using something which has in effect great amount of waste. If we can hold something easily with our hand fingers without some plastic bags as a medium, then we can just hold it with our fingers. That’s cool. You and I are really making a better environment via this little steps.

Reuse: Goodie to reuse things old things u use. If you have some plastic bags in your home, try to reuse them (until the’yre torn into pieces and you can’t use them more), instead throw them away and using the new ones. Reusing things is a great way to keep this environment stay longer for us to live. We need more earth to live if we always throw things away easily.

Recycle: It means we try to make garbage into something new/useful. If we meditate for a moment, aha! so many things we can reuse. Used bottles, old plastic containers (we can repair/mend it), antique iron chairs, plastic bags, etc. That’s a big thing, when we recycle something at the same time we are trying to optimize our creativity too (I am not only thinking about artists). We are all not only users, we can modify and create new/useful things from many things around us. Let’s have fun.